Sphinx slot cheats

Sphinx slot cheats. Do you like to win easy?

The Sphinx slot tricks take you to the world of Ancient Egypt and the success with the general public has been great in this last period. A simple game that allows you to win big prizes at any time. Knowing the sphinx tricks obviously increases the chances of winning radically. The graphics of this game are amazing, the symbols are beautiful and very special. The audio will fully engage you in a timeless adventure, among the ancient mysteries of a mystical people and obviously the great adventures that can be experienced between the Pyramids and the ancient domains of the Pharaohs.

The sphinx slot machine tricks are as simple to understand as all those of paragraph 6a slots. The AAMS certification of the game allows all fans to play safely this slot also online produced by IGT, whose games are all available at no deposit casinos such as Snai, William Hill, NetBet and Gioco Digitale.

All that the sphinx slot offers you

Discover with us all the sphinx slot tricks. We will show you the best sphinx slot tricks that you can use every time you access this game.By playing and taking advantage of the sphinx slot tricks you will also find that this game offers you a very interesting bonus game. The tricks will obviously only work when the slot machine is full and therefore you will have to understand how to identify the right time to take advantage of this slot machine. And don’t forget that for all the other Slot tricks we have created a special page on our site.

First among the sphinx slot tricks

The first of the sphinx slot tricks takes into account an expense of about 50 $ to get decent results. Its simplicity allows everyone to use it and you simply have to play 2 coins of 2$ and place the bet at 25 and obviously you will have to download all the winning combinations that the sphinx slot offers you. You will then have to download the advanced $ as well and you will have to do the same for the 50 $. Then insert the two $ and take 4 spins of 25 and download the winnings or whatever is left over and then the remaining $.

Doing so should offer you many Medallions in a row and continue to unload your winnings anyway and keep your bet at 25. You will understand when the VLT slot pays for everything as it brings you to zero during the first 4 spins of the reels. From now on you will not be able to win anything. A simple trick to understand.

The second among the sphinx slot tricks

The second trick is always very simple and like the first, more than a trick it can be considered a method of play, in short, tips to take full advantage. Obviously the basis of all these methods is to understand whether the slot is in the payment phase or not.

Your game will start with a bet of 100 and always try to keep the minimum combinations offered to you in the first roll. Keep also the combinations with Figures that can give minimal combinations. Never try to get to the combinations that can give you 100 $ in winnings and not even the three of a kind served. If the Sphinx slot pays at least 80% of the combinations within the first 20 $, it is to be considered full and therefore to be played. Obviously the low combinations are paid more frequently than those that lead to the biggest prizes and therefore if the machine continues to pay it will mean that it is very likely to be charged. Otherwise all you have to do is leave the slot.

Simplicity in sphinx slot tricks

You will therefore easily understand that the sphinx slot tricks are applicable only in the case that the machine is in “health” and that therefore it is an easily understandable game method, but not a real trick as you might have imagined. In any case, remember that the stake must be 50 cents and never download the winnings. Once you exceed 16 $ you can raise your stake to 400.

It may happen in the beginning (very often) that the slot brings you to zero for 3 or maybe 4 hands. Start the 50 cent method again and go up to 16 $ and then try again with the 400 bet. By doing so you should have a good percentage of winnings. You will no doubt notice that the slot shows increasing amounts and should also be giving you free spins and bonuses so that you get to $ 100 in the shortest possible time. Once you have moved the bet to 400 then don’t stop until you have reached 100 $ and then withdraw. Never download before this time.

What to do after a win of 100 dollars

Once you have downloaded the 100 $ you can return to bet 100 and remember that at this moment the slot is open and therefore will continue to pay until the moment of stall. When you realize that you have reached this point it is time to try the last 20 $ with a stake of 100. If it makes you reach zero it means that it is empty.

Once you reach the deadlock, download it and try again with 20 $, always betting at 100. If, on the other hand, it continues to pay you can continue with the method. It is always worthwhile in any situation that you have downloaded 100 to invest 20 to see if the slot continues to pay or not. You are now in control of the best ways to take advantage of this slot. Don’t waste time and challenge your luck!

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