What are bar slots

How to win at bar slots

It is now online that is dominating every aspect of our daily life. The news is only read online, payments are made online, socialize and relationships of different entities are maintained online and played online.

Some more or less, each of us manifests a form of attachment and the need to live more online than in the real world. But how was it once without the Internet?

If you are among those who feel a little nostalgia for everything that is real and that you can smell and touch, you will probably appreciate this article. In fact we will not talk about online slots but about bar slot machines: the land ones!

Let’s go back to the origins, to the first slot machines, to the bar machines that you can still find in some casino room or room used. Let’s see together how they work and above all how to win at bar slot machines!

Here’s how to win at bar slots once and for all

What are bar slots

In order to identify the way to break a bar slot, you need to step back and understand what the mechanism is behind it and for what purpose it was designed.

The so-called slot machines, born around the end of the nineteenth century, are mechanical and later electronic devices made with the aim of entertaining players and which allow one-time to obtain cash winnings.

Of course it must be borne in mind that slot manufacturers aim to cash out more than the winnings they return to the player – this is the real purpose of their business. So try not to forget this essential point when you decide to play.

How bar slots work

Once it is established that the machines are a tool aimed at entertaining people but also a source of income for the software houses that develop them, it is necessary to understand how bar slots work.

Probably some of you have tried them at least once in your life and are aware of the fact that to play with the machines, you simply have to introduce money to place the bet and press a button to start the game. This is for what concerns the actions that the player must perform to play and interact with the slot.

As for the mechanism behind the machines, these are formed by a grid composed of rollers and lines. You can have different types of grids; the most traditional are 5 × 3 or 5 × 4, but there are many others. When you press the button to start the game, the reels, which can also be called the grid reels, start spinning until they arrive at a random point where they stop.

Each bar machine has its own theme, is inspired by a particular environment and consequently presents the symbols that belong to that particular context. To win at the bar slot machines what you have to try to bring out winning combinations, by pressing the button to start the spin, that is the spin of the reels,

By getting a combination of particular slot symbols on the reels at particular positions for particular paylines, you win cash prizes.

How much do slots pay

I guess you are extremely curious to know everything about winning and in particular the value of what you would like to achieve by playing bar slots. Let’s see together how much the slots pay.

In jargon we speak of RTP or payout which is nothing more than the return to the player that a slot returns in the form of a win over a certain period of time. By law, the payout of terrestrial VideoLottery must be equal to or greater than 75%, unlike online ones which is much higher and must instead be around 97%. Before deciding which slot to try your luck with, you should find out about its payout so that you know first if you have a high chance of winning.

In addition to the payout it is also important to know the cycles of the slot that is the average of the turns or hands that a slot takes to return its payout. Let’s take an example to better understand: let’s say that the cycle of a slot is 40,000; this means that once the 40,000 rounds are completed, the machine will have to return 75% (if that is its payout) of the money it has collected from the players. Once the cycle has finished, a new cycle will start again in order to respect the predetermined percentage of RTP.

Are there any tricks to win at bar slots?

On the net there are many websites that talk about miraculous tricks to break the bar slots. But how to know if they work without gambling their salary by dint of trying?

What you will find on the Internet is nothing scientifically proven, but they are testimonies left by other players that are naturally based on their own gaming experience. So our disinterested advice is not to take what you will find yourself reading as pure gold, but activate your critical sense and take them “with a grain of salt”.

What you need to know if you want to hit bar slots

The tricks to win at bar slots can be defined instead tactics or strategies to be adopted when interacting with a machine. Above all, some tricks that you will find on the Internet may be valid for a certain game and not for another, so keep this in mind and don’t believe everything you read.

It may also happen that you come across sites that by dint of making you try, placing one bet after another, will end up enriching the machine and not you.

Winning at bar slots: coin noise trick

One of the most popular tricks to win at bar slots seems to be that of the noise of the coin according to which you have to try to listen to the noise of the coin, as it is introduced into the machine to place the bet. From how the coin falls, the experienced player can tell if the slot is full or empty. Once you have guessed if the machine is full of money, you need to decide whether to continue playing hoping for the staggering winnings, or to wait for other players to reload the machine with their bets.

Trick that always works: always play with your head

We have now reached the end of our article and a piece of advice that we would like to give you for when you decide to play a bar slot machine is to play for fun and above all play with your head.

It is convenient for everyone to win easy and maybe get a nice sum with a minimum bet! But be aware that most of the winnings you will get will be directly proportional to your stake, so if you place a bet of tot cents, you will receive a win of tot cents x8. Winnings that change your life from one day to the next are not impossible, but more difficult and it is definitely not by betting your entire bank account that you will be able to get it.

Establish in advance how much money and how many games or how much time you want to invest in the game of bar slots and once finished, leave the room and do something else. If you manage to win, enjoy your prize, you deserve it! Otherwise stop and try another time when the blindfolded Goddess is on your side!

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