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Aces: the 4 aces in the poker deck

Aces are the most desirable cards in the deck. In most games, and especially in poker, these cards are the most valuable. 

The 4 aces of the deck

Let’s first talk about the four aces in the deck we play live poker or online poker with.

Ace of spades

This is probably the best known card in the deck and the one most often used to represent everything to do with gambling and betting. The Ace of Spades is also frequently used as a motif for tattoos on the skin.

Many people get an ace of spades tattooed on their skin in the hope that it will bring them fortune in their lives. The ace of spades is the spearhead and once represented nobility.

Ace of Hearts

The Ace of Hearts is also very popular because of its high degree of symbolism. For many this card represents the beginning of a new love. Hearts are always associated with love, happiness and celebrations. In the beginning, hearts represented the ecclesiastical establishment.

Ace of clubs

The Ace of Clubs is also very successful in representing aspects of chance and gambling. In cartomancy it represents marriage. And in the origin of playing cards, clubs represented the peasants.

Ace of Diamonds

And last but not least, the ace of diamonds, a card inspired by the red cobblestone, a weapon that was used in rebellions by the bourgeoisie as protection. The diamond also represents the luxury and wealth of the bourgeoisie…

Pairs of aces preflop

When you are in the middle of a poker game and you find yourself in a tight situation, what can help you the most is to be dealt a premium hand, especially if it is (AA). Rockets or American Airlines (another way of referring to AA) is the most valued hand in Texas Holdem.

But being dealt aces by the dealer unfortunately doesn’t happen that often, as the odds of being dealt pocket aces are 1 in 221.

Being dealt aces is not an absolute guarantee of winning the hand either, but you are going to have an equity well ahead of any other hand you face.

Preflop hand aces

Pair of Aces preflop or Aces of Hand

For example, from preflop, American Airlines (AA) is approximately 80/20 against any other pair of hands such as KK, QQ, JJ, 33, 22, etc. That is, for every 5 times you go all in preflop against one of these other pocket pairs you will win 4 times and only lose 1.

The advantage of aces preflop is even greater against AX type hands, and here the equity can soar from 86% to approximately 93%. For example, the AcAd vs At8c poker combination has a 92.94% win rate and a 1.41% draw rate, and against AtTt the pair of aces will win 86.05% of the time and tie the pot 1.22% of the time. 

The hands with which the aces will have the most trouble preflop are the so-called suited connectors, connected hands of the same suit, especially when we don’t have that suit in our pair of aces. But even so, worst case scenario 76s won’t win more than 23% of hands (22.87%).

So pair aces preflop is a particularly robust and strong preflop hand, and so it is understandable the desire and esteem that all Texas Hold’em players have for it.

Aces in Texas Holdem

In Texas Holdem, for example, a full house hand gives the player a lot of confidence that his hand will be the winning hand. Especially when that full house is made up of aces. It is worth remembering that when two or more players hit a full house, the tie is broken by looking at the cards that make up that full house.

On a board like AQQAK, a Q would give the player a full house that would trump hands like JT (straight). But that full house would come to nothing if any player has an ace, since the higher full house of aces and checkers would beat the lower full house of checkers and aces.

In addition, if AK is held, the full house is made up of aces and kings (even higher than the full house of aces and kings). The only hand that would beat aces is the unlikely QQ, since in this case checkers poker would beat any full house.

A full house can be played in many ways, but the more likely it is that someone is willing to pay bets, the more preferable it is to take a betting line rather than slow play the hand.

In the event that the board offers the possibility of a flush or straight draw (either ace-high straight or wheel straight), it is better to start getting value out of it right from the start. In addition, if you have a full house, it is also very likely that a player will have some trips or a minor full house, so it doesn’t make sense not to bet.

Aces in the Spanish deck

But among the poker card games we can find different decks; such as the Spanish deck, which also has its own aces, in which only the suit is changed, but not its representation of the 4 main estates of the society of yesteryear.

The spades of the French or English deck correspond to the swords of the Spanish deck. Therefore, the ace of spades has its counterpoint in the ace of spades. It is a large sword, which in slang is often called an espadon. The nobility was thus represented with this spearhead.

Baraja espanola as a card game

The ace of hearts is equivalent to the ace of cups in the Spanish deck of cards, which is also often referred to as the copaza. The cups represent the ecclesiastical establishment, and none of us are surprised, as the chalice used in the mass to consecrate the wine is generally in the shape of a cup.

Now it is time to talk about the ace of clubs, that great suit that has its counterpoint in the poker deck with the ace of clubs. This suit was representative of the peasants, who at the time the first decks of cards appeared, represented a high percentage of the total population.

And now we only have to talk about the ace of golds, a suit that represents the bourgeoisie and which corresponds to the ace of diamonds in the English and French decks. Here it is also known as the cold egg, due to its similar design.

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