Understanding betting on horse races

Understanding betting on horse races

Betting on horse races was for a long time the only betting allowed. A true institution, the PMU organises races every day at racecourses throughout. But nowadays, the turfist no longer needs to go to the local PMU bar: thanks to the Internet, he can bet from home in complete peace of mind.

How does betting on horse races work?

Betting on horse races has a special way of working: it is mutual betting. This means that, during a race, the money bet by all the riders will be shared between the winners, once the organiser has taken his share.

Types of races

This is the most common race, where horses compete at full gallop over a distance often between 1,6 and 2,4 km.

In a trotting event, the horse must run as fast as possible without ever galloping, otherwise it will be disqualified. For the mounted trot, the jockey normally rides the horse, and for the harnessed trot he sits in a sulky (cart) pulled by the horse.

There are three types: steeplechase, hurdles and cross-country. In a hurdle race, the horses have to cover a distance of between 3000 and 5000 metres over hurdles 1.10 metres high. In steeplechase (about 4000 metres), the obstacles are varied and include a river. Cross-country has a distance of more than 5000 metres and impressive obstacles. It is a relatively rare race.

  • The flat.
  • The trot (harnessed or mounted).
  • Obstacle courses.

Types of bets

You choose a horse, and you bet that it will be a winner or placed (i.e. in the top three).

This time you have to find the first two (winners or placed).

You have to find the first 3, the difference with the tierce being that you have to bet at least €1.50 instead of one euro.

You have to find the first 3 in the race, in order or in disorder.

Same as for the trifecta, but you have to find the first 4 (if you find the first 3 you will still get a sum: the bonus 3).

Here, you have to find the first 5 in the race.

Choose between 4 and 7 horses: if you have the first 4, you win!

You choose 2 horses, if they are in the first 4, you have won:

  • the simple bet;
  • the coupled;
  • the trio;
  • the trifecta;
  • the quarter;
  • the quinté;
  • the multi;
  • the 2 out of 4.

Do you have to be a connoisseur to play horse racing?

Not necessarily, but if you have never bet on horse racing, it is better to start with a simple bet. Look at the odds of each horse on a sports betting site, and bet on the favorite (the one with the lowest odds) winning or placed. Of course, you won’t win much, but this is the least risky bet. Once you know a little more about it, you can try other bets, but always check the horse odds and the tips you find on the betting sites.

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